Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miss Anna //Water Color Art//

Meet Miss Anna!

I painted her three times. And probably I will paint her again.

My water color art journey goes back many years a go but I never really serious about it until now. I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I am more of an abstract contemporary artist using acrylic than a water color artist. I am picking up water color again as I think I love the delicate and the feminine soft of water color.

The first painting I called her "water color study no. 5" then "no. 6" and the last "no. 7"

I never was good painting a human figure before. When I was a Fine Art student at Fashion Institute of Technology New York in Manhattan I was never good at it at all. My work follows my feelings transformed into lines, shapes and colors without any intention what it would becoming into. Although I like painting it was never the intention for me to become a professional artist. I knew my art was only for me to enjoy. They are only decorate some of the walls in our home.

Then I evolved, I start to pick up water color. Then as time went on I am seeing mass and shadow in a different way in  painting human figure. Suddenly I found a new skill. I was able to see shadow and shape in human figure in the face and in every part of a body. It took me years to see it. Although I am still not good it; I am seeing it. And that is very important and a good way to start.

I also found a new venture; photography. Already I turned down 3 clients while I was in Florida because most of my clients are in New York. I think I am a better in photography than in blogging or other social media because I do not have to tell story in photography. I just have to present my work to clients. Just point and shoot. In blogging I must write and I am not good in writing English as English is my second language.  So I can understand that my post does not have a good story to support the images. It won't stop me from blogging though but I can only try to improve and hopefully I can express better. 

I truly realize that blogging is a journey. I am blogging because I wanted to express myself. And I am very happy since my first post until now I was able to mainly express myself. Deep in me I knew I am a creative person and an artist as well. And I am constantly evolve.

So let's take a look at Miss Anna (water color study no. 5, 6 and 7)

 "Water Color Study no. 5"
"Water Color Study No. 6"

"Water Color Study No. 7"
I think her body movement is better here compare to the first two drawings. Although her expression is not as good as the other two. Body movement is very important in painting a pose like this one. Is the upper body tilt to the left more or to the right more? Where is the hips are located? Is the body  weight of her body falls mostly on her left foot or right foot? Those are things to consider when painting a standing figure as these elements will help gives movement to the body so it will look a live.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flowers and Details //Living Room//

Welcome to our home in Delray, South Florida!

Although this is a re post I do want to show case our Florida home living room once more time. Particularly the art and details around this room. 

We come here once a month for 7 to 10 days during winter time from November to April in New York. This home is small but it serve the purpose very well since we do not live here permanently.  We enjoy coming to Delray, Florida as we have many friends and enjoy the sunshine when it is cold in New York; and for Steven my husband especially! He loves playing sport outdoor and at the same time  can visit his clients and do some business as well.

As for me - I love just to hang around do some thrift shopping for a diy projects and home decor. Occasionally I do have a photography assignment here but not so often. 

What I wanted to show you is those arts on the wall painted by me. I did it when we just moved into the house almost 5 years a go. I knew I wanted a blue color theme as you can see scatter around the house. I found and bought the picture frames  from a thrift stores around the area. It is so much fun finding treasure around this area. And  if you are patient enough and know where to look, you can find some great  treasure here for a few dollars only. Many of the decoration in this living room I found  through scouring the thrift stores around here.The key is to mix a few DIY and with new furniture and decorative pieces. So not all of these found at thrift stores. Like The table lamp on the right, the side tables (the one on the left I re painted), the blue and white vases, the pear metal pieces as book ends that I re painted a while a go. It is so much fun doing the DIY projects.

In decorating a home, I gravitate to group things together. It is my style. I love grouping pictures on the wall together. And so does the center piece like the blue and white bowl and vases. Grouping is  way of decorating to avoid business with too many things all over the room. 

And as you can see; I love colors. I usually use neutral color (beige) as a center piece and put some accent colors around it.

This home is a budget friendly home and if we by accident break any of these pieces, we can easily replace with another one as they are not costly and always available around this area.

I have posted the living room, master bed room and guest bed room  in the past here, here and here.

So, what is your secret in decorating a home? What is your style? Is color important to you?

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Perfect French Toast

I do not know why but I eat french toast for breakfast a lot during winter. May be because the smell and taste of cinnamon warm your body and mind during cold winter morning. And with a cup of coffee or tea it is just perfect.

So what is the secret to a delicious french toast? I will answer this question later. But let me tell you a story about how the french toast I ate at a restaurant in Philadelphia inspired me to create my own french toast like on below pictures. Recently Steven and I took a day trip to visit a good friend of mine who lives there. And they brought us to a restaurant in down town Philadelphia to have  brunch. O boy! The french toast is to die for! So to answer the above question - the secret is the 'brown butter'. You see a dollop brownish color butter on top the french toast on the pictures? Yes, that's the one. So if you make your basic french toast which are made of egg, milk and yes bread (challah bread is even better) you must put a dollop of brown butter on the top. It will taste so much better.

The recipe is simple; butter at room temperature + cinnamon + light brown sugar. If you make this in a large quantity you might want to use a mixer  then store in in the refrigerator for future use. You can see my other good recipe for french toast (here).

So this morning I had this again and some oranges. Ahhh so good!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Night Stand //Master Bedroom

I am very happy with how our master bedroom turned out to be.  I am not a savvy decorator and usually I am taking the time to put things together when it comes to decorate the house. 

I can't wait to share the whole bed room but I am afraid it will not be any sooner as this is quite a large bedroom and needs a few things before I can reveal it.

For now I can show you the corner of our bed room and it's night stand. This side is my side. What I usually have on my night stand are skin moisturize lotion, sea shells, a note from my son, table lamp and a green bowl (my favorite that I own for God knows how long !) that looks like a antique Greek urn. And the flowers were put there just to decorate. I am sorry that I did not to put them in the right size of a vase. I was painting the flowers prior to taking these photographs.

The arts were put together and DIY by myself. I love intaglios and I bought quite a few of them a long time a go from Ebay (here). I ordered the golden frames a long with the inside smaller frames then I put it all together as a beautiful piece of art.  They are 3 arts grouped together side by side on  top of the head board of the bed.

I did the tinted blue color on the bottle and I hand painted the outside with pattern using Martha Stewart gold pen. I posted about the bottle a long time a go (here).

The note was from my son. It is a short note saying thank you to us when they, he and his girl friend visited us and about leaving NY to go back to their home in Jakarta, Indonesia. A long with the note was a gift for Steven and myself. I put the note there just to always remember him as I wake up and about to close my eyes to go to sleep.
I think it is the cutest note especially the hand drawn heart under our names. I am not sure if it is a heart, if it is - it is a cute one! I smile each time I see the envelope hand written with our names and the heart on it by him. And the sea shells were from my Mom; she brought them from our country years a go as she knew I love sea shells. The sea shells from there are the prettiest.

I do hope that I can reveal the whole bedroom very soon and as planned.
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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Chadha Family

This is the third time I photographed the Chadha and their family.

They were my very first customer when I just started my photography business.It was still fresh in my mind that the session was during early winter two years a go. Mehak's parents came from India and she just gave birth to a cute baby girl name Anvi.

I was very lucky because the session was easy and Mehak, her husband Ankush and Mehak's parents who came to visit from India were so nice to me. I remember the warm conversation I had with the parents whom I have not seen until now after the shooting.

Then the second session was when a brother and his wife came from India. It was a year a go. He was so funny. Mehak kept on making fun that he is my perfect male model. For a guy he poses very well, that's why.

Then yesterday was the third session. Again member of the family visiting from India with two toddlers. It was a lot of people but it was so much fun. The session was indoor and outdoor. 

I am so grateful that The Chadha family trusted me to document their precious time with their family who lives far a way from them in New York. So I always try my best to deliver the best photography I can.  I feel that my photography has improved since the first time I photographed them.  I upgraded the lens, bought some lighting, a backdrop and I have learned so much more about photography technically compare to when I started taking picture of clients two years a go.  I do believe that having photography as a business is like going on a  journey. A journey where you always try to improve and learn new things to be better. What I have learned most is  I treated my job as a passion more than anything. I used my previous session as a learning curve to be better in the next session. You can't learn all about photography in a couple of months or in a year as it is a constant learning in so many areas like photo editing soft wares, marketing, how to shoot a newborn, props, lighting, branding and packaging and the technical aspect of the photography itself. It is a lot. As for me I learn as I am doing it. So taking picture of people for free is the best way to learn photography. And I did a lot of these sessions; senior, maternity, newborn, toddlers, etc. Don't forget to treat the free session professionally from the beginning until the end right down to present the cd of images it self. This is how you learn and this is how you get better.

 These pictures were taken outdoor. And I love outdoor photography especially when there are snow around. May be the white snow makes the photo prettier.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dainty Water Color Flowers Practiced

This morning I practiced my water color flowers technique.  This year I am hoping that I will get into water color more and enroll myself to a water color flower class.  But these simple images were painted hands free. And I love when it is freely without any trace of pencil and I like it when I just use my imagination to create the shape of leaves, flower bud, flower petals, etc. I found it painting with water color is very soothing and I enjoy it so much.

So do you know what I am planning to do with these parts of bouquet of flowers? You will see it in a few days as to what they will becoming into. 

I posted about my water color art before and you can see them here, and here. These butterflies I painted using acrylics, here.

These water colors medium is not the best one. They are the cheapest and I use it to practice. The colors are not as vibrant as the good brand of water color like Holbein, etc.  If I am using it to display I will use the good brand of water color. The colors are much more beautiful.

You can learn on how to paint flowers on youtube, here and here. And you can check out my first youtube water color tutorial on how to paint a sun flower; here. I know it is not perfect and my skill was not like what I wanted to be as it was the beginning of my water color art. But I am happy I did and post it on youtube.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
And have a wonderful week end!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Easy Print DIY Gift Wrap

Since I can remember I always love wrapping a gift. From choosing the paper gift wrap to tying the ribbon - I love the whole process of gift wrapping.

Today I am going to show you on how to create your own gift wrap.

It is started out with the paper and I am sure you have these papers from when you shop at a department store to wrap a fragile item.  I always keep them when unwrapped my purchased item as I need it to wrap stuff that I am selling on ebay or etsy.

I then draw a print using sharpie or gouache on them. Just use your imagination and start doodling around. Or you can find an idea about what to draw (here) on my Pinterest print collection.

I did these prints using black and gold sharpie.

And I did this using gouache paint. Gouache is a water base paint and it is more opaque than water color.

I got the ribbons from Michael art store at a Dollar bin. I can't get enough of these ribbons. They are perfect for experimenting with gift wrap idea as they are inexpensive. I then inserted a dried rose, or any dried flowers and silk flowers.
More of my DIY gift wrap idea are here and here.

I hope you like my DIY gift wrap print.
And thank you so much for stopping by!