Monday, October 6, 2014

Practiced With Flower (Photography)

I don't know about you but I find it a little hard to get a sharp image using a fix lens in photography. There are several techniques to do this and I have read everything and followed it through during a shoot. Although I still get a good sharp image but still I find it a little hard to get that one sharp image; I mean really sharp! I bought a mono pod the other day and it helped a lot during the shoot. I recommend if you are like me, please go get a monopod. It comes in ranges of prices from USD 20.00 to USD 100.00. (here)

Yesterday I practiced shooting a vase of flowers at home. It is always  a good way to find on how to stabilize your hands during a shooting. But also it is a good way to find a good angle to get a pretty  unexpected image. When shooting an object at home like these flowers; I try to shoot in many angles. Sometimes from above, other times from below. And try shooting from many directions also. You will never know what light source can do to your images. And you will never know until you try it out. As shown on picture no. 4. Here part of the glass vase blend in with the cream color table cloth background. I remembered I was shooting  below from an eye level view but near a big door where a lot of natural light coming in. Of course it all depends on many things like the color of your object and background but more less it is always good to try to shoot in many angles especially with a small object like this. It is also good to do with a person outdoor because you will never know what the light can do. Because you never know what natural light can do to your photography.

Next time I am planning to shoot out door with studio lighting. I think after having some experiences shooting outdoor I am comfortable using studio lighting outdoor. I might need a pocket wizard in order for the light to work out door. I need more information about this.

Oh, I wanted to tell you that my son 'Buck' is arriving New York visiting us from Jakarta, Indonesia exactly a week from today. I can't tell you how happy I am to see him again. But this time he is coming with his girl friend. This will be the first time Buck  introduce his girl friend to us officially. And will be staying with us for 2-1/2 weeks. We, Steven and I both are super excited to see them. And back talking about photography, I wanted Buck and his girl friend Dessy to be my models shooting outdoor with studio lighting next time.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Astrid & Lila - Session no. 2

I lost for words how excited I was photographed Astrid and her little girl 'Lila' last Sunday. I photographed them before not long a go, last seen (here).  Here are top of the list of my favorite subjects to photograph; 1.  maternity, 2.  newborn, 3. senior, 4. children, 5. a couple, 6. a family.  But in general I love photograph people. What is your favorite subject to photograph? And why?

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Baby "Kyna"

I photographed Kyna's Mom when she was in her belly a month a go. So when Neena, Kyna's Mom contacted me telling that Kyna was already born and about 7 days old I was very excited especially she wants me to photograph baby Kyna.

To be honest this was my second time shooting a new born and I am still learning. So prior  the shooting day; I learned as much as I could through internet search and youtube about how to photograph a newborn; including how to wrap the baby, how to pose them, and how to calm them down when they get a little fussy.  On the D day I was super excited as I wanted to photograph a newborn so badly.   But then baby Kyna got very upset and never calm down, so as per her father's request I should just photograph her they way she was and not trying to wrap or pose her. I was a little disappointed but I would not try and force the baby to pose or position her in a certain way when each time we try to start to touch her she woke up kicking and starting to make a funny face. To my surprise the photos was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Then after two days I called Neena asked her if she could come with the baby to do another session again as I wanted to get some perfect poses and pictures of Kyna.  I thought may be I got lucky this time and Kyna is calming down but she has gotten worse than the first session even when the mother was holding her and trying to put her to sleep. I did not hold Kyna because if the mother could not calm her down I knew it won't work with me. 

Neena even hugged Kyna on the posing bed trying to put her to sleep. But when we tried to put the head band or fix the wrapper she started to cry as if she knew we were trying to do something that she did not like. I then started to take pictures of Kyna without the poses I wanted but I love these pictures. And she is so adorable.

This experience will not stop me taking pictures of a newborn. I love to style them, and I love the whole process of photography a newborn; from setting up the backdrop, choosing the right wrapper and head band  to to try to position them in a certain way to get some beautiful pictures. Although I have not there yet; I know one day I will. 

These are the techniques on how to wrap a newborn (here) and (here). I know these techniques just wont work with Kyna, during the session she just won't let you touch her, period! And here is a tip on photograph a fussy newborn (here)

Baby girl head band and flower crown DIY by Ellya last seen  (here), (here) and (here)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have no words to describe Nicole's beauty. I let my camera's results  do the talk for you. What strike me most about Nicole is her long lustrous thick hair. It would be every girl's dream to have such long thick hair. I know I do.

What I have learned about Nicole is that she is studying psychology and in her second year. From what I understood Nicole likes things to be simple. I then realized later on that Nicole did not wear any bracelet, necklace or earrings during the photo session. Even her make up is very minimal as you can see on these pictures.

She is a little shy and need some of my direction to pose which she took my instruction very well. I love Nicole's expression and simple poses each time I shot her with a multiple shoot mode. Sometimes it shows her looking down, others  shows she is playing with her hair, all which are easy poses and very simple. But still the result are really beautiful. Looking back and looking at these pictures it does shows Nicole's personality; simplicity, feminine and elegant.

I created a fresh bouquet flower and tiara for her to wear during the shoot. She then asked me how do I know that purple is her favorite color. Well, I did not know. I just picked the easiest flower to create into a tiara and Wax flower is very easy to create into a tiara for her to wear.  She liked the small bouquet flower and the tiara and at the end of the photo session  I gave them to her. 
Nicole is a true natural beauty.  I think you would agree with me. Don't you?

Already I am having some difficulties to pick which photos to put on the blog post as they are all beautiful. In the end I ended up with these images which I think it's a little too much for a blog post. But I can't help and wanted to share these pictures with you.

As far as editing; I always love the look of images from process film. So I tried to imitate those the ones that comes from a roll of film. I searched high and low on how to capture this and I love what I have found and learned so far. For other images I am using Pretty Presets (here) just for fun and to see how they turn out to be. They are beautiful too. 

 From the beginning I told each of my model/client that I wanted the photo session is as much fun for her and as for me. It is very important that my client feels happy and have fun during the session, especially outdoor during summer as many bugs and mosquitoes might come to them. Not only that, I wanted my client finished the session having a great experience photographed by me.

Photographed Nicole was a great experience for me. Not only I captured her elegant natural beauty, I have learned so much about shooting outdoor; lighting condition, poses, composition. I also learned more about my camera. I guess, each session is different and each session guaranteed that you (as a photographer) will learn new positive and negative experiences.


If you  have any idea and would like me to photograph you, please inbox me through my FB page (here) or email me (here). I love trying new stuff and we can work together to create beautiful photographs that we both like.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Astrid & Lil' Lila

Trying to take picture of a young child is sometime can be a challenged especially when the child is very active. 

I found out that when you do not stress yourself by trying to have the child be still when the child is totally not into it but running around is turned out to be much easier job. I just told Astrid, the Mom to smile and interact with the child as long as possible. The result turned out to be  prettier than I thought it would be. When I tried to capture the right moment of Mom and her daughter I shot with multiple shoot mode. 

I love capturing a special moment of a mother and her child especially when she is expecting. And seeing these images is truly making me happy. 

I DIY the little teepee for them to pose in front of. And I am liking it very much. I am planning to make more teepees with different material tent for in the future photo session. And it is quite easy to create. (here)

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


This was my first time visiting Brooklyn Dumbo. I know the name is pretty funky, 'Dumbo' - it stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  I was very happy to have found  this pretty cool small water front area of Brooklyn. When you are standing in the park (Brooklyn Dumbo Park); you will see the two massive beautiful bridges; Manhattan bridge on your right and Brooklyn bridge on your left. It's quite lovely. And no wonder this place is 'the place' for photographers to choose for their photography background. 

I wanted to have a city background for the shoot this time. That's why I chose Brooklyn Dumbo for the shooting location. More about Brooklyn Dumbo (here).

I can tell that Gaby loves being photographed. During the shoot often I told her to smile like, "big smile Gaby, big smile Gaby!" And I love all her pictures with the big smile on her face. Just look at these pictures, I think her smile is very pretty!

This shoot was a total success. Although Gaby came a little late; it all paid off because I got to shoot when the sun just on the horizon. So beautiful. It is the golden hours for photographers enthusiasts. Not only that; I found about this lovely place that I would have not known and I promised myself to come back for another photography shoot or to dine and walk around.

This is Brooklyn Bridge.

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