Tuesday, September 1, 2015

//DIY Photography Back Drop//

This is a way long over due project. But finally, this morning I laid the last brush strokes on the canvas back drop. And took some pictures.

Before I go on and explaining the materials and how about I am doing it - I will divide this project in 4 stages. Since this is my first DIY photography back drop, everything I did here was based on my painting skill. I searched on the internet prior to do this - but I found none of them explaining it in detail. So since I am an artist - I thought to myself that this could not be that difficult. But wanted to start the project was a dragging for me. You know, in your head you wanted just to start and do the project but your physical being just won't move toward that direction. It kept telling me, do it tomorrow. Then the next day came - it kept on telling me the same thing again until months later. I knew I wanted to do this before summer ends. And it was already August. Because when the cold weather start to come my basement will be very cold and there is no way I could spend a long time working in the basement. So just to get me going, I hired a friend of mine to start it off and to do the ironing off of the creases and priming. Sure enough, after that I did not stop until this morning - it was 2 weeks a go.

Now that it is finished, I could not be happier with the result. I can't believe it is so beautiful. I tested it out to photograph still life of roses - it is gorgeous. I can't wait in a few days I will have a beautiful model "Nicole" to be photographed in front of my DIY back drop.

So let's start with the material I used. It is very important to have all materials ready with in reach. Another equally important is a large space. But it all depends on the size of the back drop it self.

So now let's first talk about the material.
Get these materials from a Dollar store.
1. A mop with a rag attached to it USD 1.99. This is to drip the paint.
2. 3 large bowls USD 1.00 ea = USD 3.00
3. 2 Paint pails USD 1.50  = USD 3.00

Get these at Home Depot.
1. I used drop cloth bought size 9 feet by 12 feet at Home Depot through internet. Cost about USD 32.00
2. A roll of plastic wide enough to lay under the drop cloth so the paint won't seep through to the floor. Approx. USD 2.00
3. 2 cans of primer USD 9.00 each = USD 18.00
4. 2 cans of base or mid tone color from Behr brand USD 9.00 each = USD 18.00
5. A wide cheap paint brush USD 2.50
6. A medium size paint roller USD 5.00
7. 4 sample cans of paint, the darkest and the lightest USd 3.50 each = USD 14.00 (Mine is about 9 different sample paints but you do not have to)

Total = USD 99.50

First get the crease off of the folded drop cloth. I used steam iron. Then on an open space out door or in door like in a basement lay the plastic sheet and put the drop cloth on top of it. Using a roller, paint the primer on the entire drop cloth. You can dilute the primer with a little bit of water. Let it dry for 24 hours as per instruction. Then using the same roller, paint the base coat (this is your mid tone color). And let it dry for 24 hours. When it dries - put a generous amount of the lightest colors in paint bowl and put some water in it. Using the mob pick up some paint and drip it all over the cloth. Concentrating in the middle outward but do not let it covers the entire to side of the cloth. Then do the same with the darkest paint. Splatter it on top the brightest color. Let it dry. When it dries. Take the wide brush pick up the darkest paint on the tip of the brush and start dry brush the edge of the cloth.

Your back drop will look a little like this.

 I photographed an object in front of it. I used my son's teddy bear. But the texture of paint looks boring and too even out. I need to work more on this. At this point, taking picture is important because then you know what color need to put on and what area need more work.

At this point the back drop looks too blueish in color. It needs  dark green. So using a dry brush I dry brushed dark green here and there concentrate only on the outer part of the cloth toward the middle just a little. As you can see I added the darkest green but it shows a green spots, the ones I circled.

Now I need to see the contrast between the back drop and the object - since the teddy bear is in blue and brown in color, I bought some pink roses to see the contrast. And before I photographed the roses I dry brushed some of the dark green off with dark brown color - called "Potting Soil".

Now I started to like it more. It has green, brown, grey and blue on the canvas.

Now I just have to see the brightest and the darkest and where all of these two colors being placed in relation to the model when standing up in front of it. I just have to use my judgement since I do not have anyone at home but me. Again, I used the roses as the model. I wanted the the darkest dark on my lower hand side and the bright in the middle toward upward on my right hand side. So I enhanced it a little more, using the color palette I had chosen earlier. 

I also dry brushed the lightest color of grey aqua color just to make it pretty. And painted it lightly on the lightest part of the canvas.

Just to let you know that the location of this setting was in the basement of my house. So it was very dark. And my light source is coming from my right side. You can see it on the last picture.

To add more contrast I added "Black Ink" on the lower hand side. For now, it is finished. And I can't wait to photograph a real model pose in front of it.


She is ready to go.
I can't tell you how excited I am for a day after tomorrow I will photograph a real person in front of it. Can you imagine a young lady styled and wearing a soft color flowy gown and of course I would want her to wear a fresh flower crown posing in front of this back drop? Will keep you update on this for sure.
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Monday, August 31, 2015

//An Afternoon at the Sands Point Preserve, Port Washington - NY/

Sands Point Preserve is a preserve surrounding the Guggenheim Estate located on the Long Island Sound(here). The mansion was once belongs to the Guggenheim family and it is now belongs to the city of of Port Washington where people can visit the house that is now a museum. The estate surrounds by ponds, woodland, walking trail, meadows, and a beach.

 The beach is not like a real beach by the ocean. It is an estuary a place where the salt water mixes with fresh water. This sound is between Eastern shore of New York City and Westchester County, Southern part of Connecticut. So the water is much more calm, not blue in color and shallow. Still it is nice to walk a long the small beach or playing and swimming in the water. The good thing about it is that not too many people know about this preserve. So on Sunday during summer not to many people are there.

So since we did not have anywhere or plan to go to this Sunday -  Steven and I decided to visit the Sands Point Preserve that we heard from a friend. 

We just sat by the beach and enjoyed the sun. Each time I go to the beach, I always like looking at the stones, shells that the waves washes to the shore. This time I was thrilled to have found a few sea glasses. And of course took a few pictures.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

//Job Commissioned Arts//

Here are 6 water color flowers and 8 water color perfume  arts especially made for a client. 

I always enjoy working for a job commission. I always extra careful in painting them because I wanted my passion shows on the art it self. 

These arts are very easy and casual for a bedroom, home office or even powder room.

When my client does not know where to frame them - I always try to help them to find a reasonable art frames on line. Or since they already spent a good amount on the arts itself - I try to help them to do a DIY (Do It Yourself) solution. This is a cheaper way to create a beautiful frame without breaking the bank as you know, framing can be costly.

I thought I am sharing these arts with you.

She wanted 8 water color Chanel perfumes. 4 for her and the other 4 are for her sister who lives overseas. So I painted 2 each of the same perfume.

She wanted 6 water color flowers. Painting flowers can be costly because you have to buy fresh flowers in order to paint them. Some of these I bought for my own personal use then I painted them

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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Art Works Recap

I have been doing art since I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia almost 25 years a go.

At first I was using oil only.

Then after graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology New York in 2001 I started to explore with eacrylic and other mediums.

Right after graduation I worked for a textile company as a Print Artist and Design mainly using gouache. I enjoyed it very much but life took a different turn as I suddenly got ill and hospitalized for 2 months.

After recovery I continued working as Assistant Stylist for Victoria Secret Design although I enjoyed it a lot my husband told me that I do not have to work if I wanted to. So I stopped into thinking that I can work from home. It was 2006.

I was not  serious about working out of home although I started selling my diy vintage cake stand on Etsy. It was just fun for me. I love choosing, and searching for the right plate to create a cake stand set. But drilling a hole on a plate so  the metal rod could go through was not easy at all. Other reason was that it was getting harder and harder to get a pretty vintage plate as well. I sold quite a few then I stopped all together.

Painting a perfume came to me by accident. I remember I was in our home Florida and the thought of painting my bottle of perfume just came into mind. And that was how it all begins. It was a year a go.

Today I enjoy painting using water color a lot. There is something about water color that soothe me. Seeing the water color mixing in together and run to each other is the most enjoyable feeling like none other art medium could do. Although I enjoyed painting with acrylic a lot.

Each day is a new challenge to create one of a kind art. Although many people paint perfume, each of us are different with our own style.

So let's take a look of these arts that I have done so far. Let me warn you that this post is a little lengthy with a lot of images. But I think it worth checking out. And some of these images you might have seen on my last posts before.

You can find some of these images on my Etsy store, here.
Please check for more arts on my Instagram, here.

These Chanel perfume series of 8 that I painted for an order.

This was an order. And she wanted to put a ribbon around the neck of the perfume bottle and string of pearls in the bottom.

This was an order that she wanted me to paint her Cartier vintage perfume.

Flower series.

These two are a 6 flower series that I currently working on for a job order.


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