Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wild Flowers

O wild flowers!
Could my tears save your tiny petals
Could my rage save your broken little branches
Could this sob bring back those butterflies

O wild flowers!
my heart is pounding now you are calling
while I am sleeping
whispering my name, I hear in a distance

O wild flowers!
my best friend
I can see you through the glass window
you can see me from below
flirt as the wind blows
dances as saying hello

every morning
every day

O wild flowers!
if only everyone know
if only everyone understand
if only everyone see

 I drawn in happiness
just looking at you, like none other

I smother with joy
just seeing from a distance, like never before

My heart is beating fast
wondering if you have grown taller
or another color

O wild flowers!
I cried for you today
I promise
your sweet colorful tiny petals
will cover my garden
once again....


Happy Tuesday Everyone?
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Do or Die Essential Items

5 Do or Die Essential Items

White House Black Market cropped jeans

Fekkai hair shampoo

Fresh scented candle

When I received an email from Alexandra from Man Crates to do a collage of 5 Do or Die Essential Items; I knew I had to do this project.

Who and what is Man Crates?
"We are a new company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates! At Man Crates it is our mission to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for men."


I never used polyvore.com before and this was my first time using it. And I love it very much. My apology if the collage board on the blog is not perfect.

So let me tell you why I picked these items as my '5 do or die essential items.'

The ripped cropped blue jeans.
I literally wear blue jeans everyday. I find it wearing a pair of good jeans is very practical and comfortable for everyday to go use. It can look sexy if you know what to pair it with. I usually wear my jeans with a simple top and with a statement accessories. The ripped one can look sexy and elegant too, if it is not too much of a rip.

A good candle.
In my home I put candle in the family room, living room and bedroom. I am crazy being in room with a lovely smell of candles. My favorite is the one that is not too strong but infused with verbena, rose and lavender. To me it is like being in a flower garden. This Fresh grapefruit candle is so divine; it will make your room smell fresh and elegant.

Aromatherapy Body and Massage Oil
I love anything aromatherapy like massage oil and scrub body soap. My favorite is the aromatherapy balm from Badger (here). I could not find it at Polyvore so I found this similarly. I have a sensitive nose that I smell anything and anywhere I go. And sometimes it made me nauseous; Badger soothing relief balm is the remedy for me. I have it in my purse and in the drawer next to my bed.

Fekkai Argan Repairing Shampoo.
I have been using anything with Argan oil shampoo lately. I use the argan conditioner, the oil on my scalp and on my face. But Fekkai Argan Shampoo does gives a healthy looking to my hair. My hair has gotten thinner these days, with this shampoo my hair looks fuller and less falls out and looks shinier.

Keurig Coffee Brewer
A friend of mine gave me a single Keurig Coffee Brewer about a year a go. I must admit that I use it every morning when at home. If I could take it with me traveling, I would. But I think my husband would not be very happy with the arrangement. Not only it is practical by just putting water, put the coffee powder cup, close it, put your mug under the coffee drip, press the button; it's done and you got a delicious hot coffee. And you never have to wash the coffee machine. Plus there are tons of flavored coffee to choose from.

So these are 'my 5 do or die essential items'.
What are yours? 

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Rustic Coffee Table

Just wanted  to update that the rustic coffee table arrived yesterday.

I could not be more happier with this coffee table. I have been imagining this kind of coffee table even before we moved into this new home. I searched high and low for this coffee table and I found it through online (here).
This home is starting to look like a real home, although it has not finished a 100%.  It is a little bit overwhelming for both of us since this home is almost 4 times larger than our previous home. We changed everything in side the house. The only thing we did not change is the structure. So it took us almost 6 months to do it and still there are things need to be done.

Anyways, let's see the coffee table!

  I am very excited for the new chairs bought through Ebay a long time a go. Last seen, here.  The chairs are so old that when pulled out the nails, the cover and the lining material; they were crumbled like a powder. And it was a lot of dust. I can't believe that I finished demolished the cover out of the wooden frame. Tomorrow I am going to take the chairs to be repaired. It needs to be tightened, then I am going to paint it the frame then I am thinking to do the  reupholster myself. They are going to be put where those two chairs are.

I found this picture from the old archive, a picture of the new home when we just bought it. It was still a lot of snow outside. It was last February. As you can see the old home has a beautiful white marble floor but my husband 'Steven' did not like it so we put a hard wood floor on top of it. We have not put the mantel on as you can see from picture on the right. And I am looking for ideas on Pinterest on how to decorate a mantel. Should I put a large mirror, a sun burst mirror or a painting. I have not decided yet. I am waiting for the mantel to be installed first.

I really love the rustic coffee table. In the beginning I wanted a rustic dining table just like the coffee table's surface. But it is way over our budget so we found this one within our budget and we love our dining table now. So what do you think about the rustic coffee table?  I know it is not everyone's favorite coffee table. As for me, I love mixing rustic and luxury like mixing it with a golden picture frame mirror and it sits on top of Hollywood style area rug that that in a certain angle the pattern of the rug is shiny. So I love the play of rich and rustic.

Will re post the whole living room when the two chairs are finished. And oh, with the mantel also.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Strawberry Amaretti

Need a quick recipe for a delicious desert? This is the one. Not only that this is very healthy but also delicious. You only need a few ingredients that mostly are in your kitchen. Since I found the recipe; I eat this almost every morning until I am out of Amaretti cookies.  Thank God it is easy to get and  available at Marshall which I almost go to everyday. You can also alternate the fruit with others like blueberry or raspberry.


Strawberry Amaretti

- 2-1/2 cups fresh strawberries
- 1 tsp almond extract
- 3 tbsp honey
- 2-1/2 oz. /70 g amaretti cookies, plus extra to serve
- 1-3/4 cups strained plain yogurt

1. Put 1-3/4 cups of the strawberries into a bowl with the almond extract and 1 tbsp of the honey. Mash lightly with a fork. (I cut the strawberry into a small pieces)
2. Crumble the amaretti with you fingers to break up coarsely.
3. Lightly stir together the mashed strawberries, amaretti and yogurt, then spoon into 4 small glasses or dishes
4. Top with the remaining strawberries and drizzle over the remaining honey.


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Miss Sunshine; Emma.

I never had so much fun and excitement as I was photographing Emma and her brother Lucas. One word only for Emma; photogenicallyummy. (Is there such a term, if you know what I mean?)  No matter what she did, her picture turned to be the cutest and pretty as Emma herself in person.

Beside taking picture of them, I also love playing with them. Brother Lucas reminds me a lot to my son when he was  that age. He had dinosaurus plastic toys in his hand, instantly my mind went to my son when he used to play and carried them all over with him. 

There is something about photographing children or toddlers; you do not need to direct them. I love the candied expression of young kids. They are the cutest and so adorable to capture in the camera. Although in general it is hard to pose them like you want them to be, like I wanted them to sit still next to their mother. They just won't do that.  Perhaps I should have one of those little toys stick to the top of my camera to get their attention to be sitting still. 

Anyways,  take a look at Emma's pictures. She surely is Little Miss Sunshine. Thank God, it was bright and sunny that day. And she loves playing with the little flower  tiara I brought for her to wear.  

Thank you Ilana for bringing such pretty outfit for Emma to wear! I love all of her sundresses. And her tutu dress was so pretty on her.  Just like what  I wanted for my little girl model to wear. 

Thank you so much for reading?

Black Urn Planters Turned White (DIY)

I was looking for a few  white urn planters  to put on the entrance on our new home, but could not find any.  There were some but urns can be very costly.  I found black urns half price when I got home with them my husband did not like it. So I sprayed painted them white.

Here is what I did.

What you need.
- Rust-oleum Stone textured finish spray paint
(for 4 medium size urns I used 8 cans)
- Behr Ultra Lagoon Moss sample
- Behr Ultra Potting Mix sample
- Brush
- A pair of gardener's glove
- A mask

Clean the urns with damp cloth. Then spray each of them two coats evenly.
Let it dry for a couple of hours under the sun.

Take a brush and deep it in Potting Mix paint and wipe the brush gently as we do not want a blob of paint on the urns. Gently brush it over the crevices of the urns. Do not press the brush. Do it all over the urns. Then do the same with the Lagoon Moss paint color. Paying extra attention on the crevices. Let it dry for a few hours or over night and do not put them out door in case it rains.

I really love the black turned white urns now. After a few weeks they even look better like in the  picture below.  And my Verbena have grown on to the side and down the urns. They were very small when I just bought and planted them on the urn (picture above).

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Happy Wednesday Everyone?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Our New Living Room/Home

Just an update that we are now in our new home. And it has been a week since we are moving in.

I can't believe we are finally here. It took us 3 years to get where we are from trying to sell the old house and finding this new home. 

This house is almost 4 times larger than our previous home. We built a new kitchen, bought new appliances, remodeled the bathrooms, and changed the entire floors. We bought new furniture, some already in the house and some are still in the way or being ordered. Still we need to order a mantel, chandelier, a hood for the stove.

We have a new kitchen cabinets but the granite counter top still being made so I have not cooked since we moved in this new home. Good thing is everything is so large that we have so much space now. 

I also into  gardening these days. I have not done much with the garden but putting a small annual flowers in the urns to decorate the entrance. I also bought some geranium since most flower pots already there left by the previous owner.  I never knew that gardening can be so much fun and therapeutic. I love seeing the bud is coming out and finally blooming like my hydrengea that I planted almost 2 months a go is starting to bloom.

Well, these pictures are  the new living room and dining in one big space in the house. Some of the furniture being put there are temporarily until we order a new one  like the coffee table is on the way.

I created two inspiration boards for the living area. I bought a pair of an old chairs almost 10 years a go at Ebay for USD 40.00 and it has been sitting in the storage. I thought they deserve some make over since the cushion is very old and is really in bad shape. I always wanted a neutral beige sofas with a pop of color on this type of chairs to compliment and to brighten the room. I am thinking to re-cover the chairs with a deep teal color and repaint the wooden frame with silver or off white color. They will position on the side of the sofa and a love seat will be positioned on the other side.

These boards has two set of color of throw pillows. I love bright colors to give a punch to the neutral colors in the room. Those 3 intaglios arts were made by me a few years a go. I was going to sell them on Etsy but never get to do it. So now they will be decorating the living room.

Initially I wanted to do the the pink, grey and black color combo on my working space/studio. But now I kind a love those colors in the living room.

So what do you think about these two boards?  Which one do you like most? I really need your input. And I thank you so much for that.

And this is one of the chairs. Today I was trying to take off the whole cushion but I gave up. I did pulled out about 200 hundreds little nails out of it.

This house still need a lot of things to be done. But hey, "Rome was not built in a day" right? I have not done anything with my working space/studio yet. There are many more important things need to be done so the studio will be the last.

Thank you so much for stopping by. 
Happy Monday Everyone!